The Undeath Prophecy


For starters, this campaign was initially very, very homebrewed. Like, 90% homebrewed. We weren’t even using dice to start with (because I didn’t have any). It has gradually come to conform better to 5e rules, although I still houserule a number of things because they make more sense to me that way. I also homebrewed a few powers for the Fighter (because his player felt like he was lacking pizazz, but it’s really hard to make a Fighter more interesting) and the Rogue (which are borderline ridiculous, but hey, he’s played by a seven-year-old. What are you going to do?) but that’s the biggest difference, I think. I should also mention that I’ve created my own setting for my campaigns, Omnysia. Also, I’m using the Greek Pantheon as well as the Skyrim theology as what is known as the “Common Pantheon” in my setting. Some nations do have unique theologies.
Anyway, the party, the Silver Oaks, is based in Klindor, which is also where Jace met his girlfriend, Kerri McDowell. One of the first things they did was beat up the dragon who was enslaving Josh (again, homebrew mistakes. Now I just assume it was a really young and weak dragon). They had to go back later for a scale from the creature, as well as collect a death hound claw and a basilisk fang. (Yeah, I know- too much for a level 2 party. Don’t judge my rookie mistakes, okay? I didn’t have anyone to teach me.) They did a number of small and mostly insignificant quests for a while, until about level 5. This was when it was revealed that Josh was the Chosen One and all that. Then Jace joined the Fighters’ Guild. There he met two people, Dave and Markus, who managed to get him talking about his past. In one of the first big surprises I ever saw as a DM, the three ended up deciding to take down the slaving ring Jace was a part of when he was younger. They sold Sai, Josh and Ever on it, and the three Fighters were sold into slavery in Malbis, Gaternia. Jace went back to the arena (his biggest fear- how brave of him!) while Dave and Markus were destined for the Oentian spice farms and the Typegian mines, respectively. This led to Surprise #2: Jace showed mercy on his opponent in the arena, got himself locked up and punished for it BUT beat up the torturing thug WITH HIS LEGS, used his toes to pick up the shackle key from the man’s body, and then proceeded to nat 20 on his Dexterity check to open the shackles… with his toes. This led to an earthshaking gladiator revolt, the relocation of eighty gladiators and a few dozen other slaves, and the decision to find the Temple of Meridia so Josh can receive his Paladin training.
Which led to the journey to the coast of Nachostia (the northeastern-most country on the Western continent) so they could get on a boat to Noddany (the location of the temple, the northern-most country on the Eastern continent- basically Siberia, right down to the nomadic reindeer herders). While in the port town of Shallowdeep, the party heard rumors of strange humanoid creatures sneaking around the gates at dark, and in particular going to and from Cathanien Manor. The Cathaniens are recluse, but they are also wealthy and powerful- more than enough cause for alarm. The party investigated and discovered that the patron of the house, Lord Gregory Cathanien, was doing business with someone called “the Necromancer Queen.” The party returned that night and defeated a bunch of body snatching ghouls (one of whom was actually a ghast) a bit more quickly than I expected, and then had to fight Lord Gregory and his eldest son Donovan, both of whom wanted the power gained from the alliance with the Queen. But when Jace threatened Donovan’s life and saw no concern in Lord Gregory’s eyes, Donovan changed his tune- all he had ever really wanted was his father’s approval. Jace threw the boy to the ground, where he lay in shock, and went after Gregory. After learning nothing, Jace killed him. I was a little bothered by this, but honestly, the man was evil, and leaving him alive would have meant a powerful ally for the Queen (who is, by the way, the main villain of the campaign) so I couldn’t really question it too much- Jace’s player is a very grounded and gentle kid who happens to have a strong sense of justice.
Anyway, after securing a bunch of warm cloaks, blankets and extra supplies, the party will be leaving for Noddany in our next session in search of the Temple of Meridia. The journey shouldn’t take more than five or six months… if all goes well. Let’s just say that even in Kythorn (June), the Kaltic sea is a bit rough.
We usually play on Saturdays, but we’ll do it on Sundays if we can’t do it at the normal time.



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