Kerri McDowell- beautiful fair-skinned, freckle-faced, auburn-haired, green-eyed girlfriend of party fighter Jace Battleborn. The townsfolk say she’s “weird.” She lives on a farm with her father.

Pirates of the Gull Maiden

Captain Patton Altham- True Neutral, former pirate known as “Albatross.” Was caught by an old childhood friend, so was pardoned on the condition that he remain an upstanding citizen.
Boatswain Swaine Hastings- True Neutral, former pirate known as “Brass.” One of the ex-pirates on Captain Altham’s old ship The Reaping Gull when it was captured by authorities who decided to join their old captain on his newly remodeled Gull Maiden.
Mather Vile- Chaotic Neutral, former pirate known as “The Carver.” Renowned for his blood craze in battle and tendency to chop enemies into little pieces. Stayed on after being pardoned. Still hasn’t gotten the hang of bathing. Takes well to strong ale and rum.

Noddic Tribespeople

Chief Nikolai Ruslanovich Romanov- Chaotic Good, chief of the Oneantler tribe. Boisterous, fun-loving and fiercely protective of his tribe. Took in the party while Josh was trained.


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